Gastronomic Identity in The Process of Nationalization of Local Products: A Case Analysis of Cig Kofte


  • Abdullah Baycar Siirt Üniversitesi



Cig kofte, raw meatballs, local cuisine, gastronomic identity


The popularity of local products at a certain time depends on the depth of its historical, cultural, economic and other social factors. The potential generated by this depth can reach the success of the product by attracting attention in accordance with the conjuncture of time. The widespread consumption of cig kofte (raw meatballs) at the national level can be explained by the compatibility of cultural, economic, current and other social factors accumulated in the Sanliurfa and Adiyaman regions during the historical process. While cig kofte was a local product belonging to these two regions until the 2000s, with the development it has progressed in the last twenty years, it has gained the prevalence of opening independent sales places in all provinces and even almost all districts of the country. They are known as Turkish products in foreign countries, and cig kofte outlets are known as Turkish restaurants. Çiğ köfte also takes part in Turkish promotional festivals abroad. With this nature, it can be concluded that çiğ köfte has achieved the success of becoming an element of national gastronomic identity. In this study, it is aimed to make a case analysis that can be an example of the nationalization of products with similar potential by considering the popularization process of cig kofte. In the study, the position of cig kofte in the stages of local gastronomic identity development was examined by using academic literature, and also traditional and social media analyses. Despite its importance in national level, the number of economic and cultural studies are limited. This research will provide an important contribtion to the insufficient literature. In addition, it will be a guide in increasing the added values of local products by bringing them to tourism and product branding studies.


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Baycar, A. (2022). Gastronomic Identity in The Process of Nationalization of Local Products: A Case Analysis of Cig Kofte. Journal of Interdisciplinary Food Studies (Disiplinlerarası Gıda Çalışmaları Dergisi), 2(2), 80–92.