The Impact of The Changing Socioeconomic Situation and Policy on Food Security in Turkey


  • Osman İnan Tekirdağ Namık Kemal Üniversitesi



Food policies, agricultural support, agricultural economy, food security


Although the demand for food is increasing day by day, it is seen that a significant portion of the population cannot be fed adequately and in a balanced way. When the inequality in income distribution and low purchasing power are taken into account, the issue of fair food sharing should be reviewed. Concepts such as the right to food, food security, food sharing and the existence, accessibility, continuity, etc. mentioned together with these concepts. These issues have been widely discussed in recent years. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, the difficulties experienced in the food supply of the countries, the decisions of some countries to limit or stop the sale of food to other countries created difficulties in reaching food from time to time and increased food prices. The increase in the food expenditures of the citizens, especially the low-income group's difficulty in purchasing food, showed that successful and permanent solutions should be taken for food policies. The biggest obstacle to the idea of ​​"Food is for everyone" is calculated as the economy. Policies for a permanent solution that reduce the economic costs of food and ensure that all segments have access to food should be established. In the long run, the focus should be on the solutions of the structural disorders brought about by the economic system that makes the problem permanent. In the short and medium term, social policies, agricultural policies and food policies that will bring people to safe food should be carried out together. In this research, the current development of food policies in Turkey has been evaluated, current agricultural supports have been mentioned, the food purchasing power of citizens has been examined, the factors that increase food prices have been explained and discussed, and solutions have been presented by examining the problems.


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İnan, O. (2021). The Impact of The Changing Socioeconomic Situation and Policy on Food Security in Turkey. Journal of Interdisciplinary Food Studies (Disiplinlerarası Gıda Çalışmaları Dergisi), 1(1), 62–79.