The Progress of Halal Food Trend in the United Kingdom


  • Emine Enise Yakar Recep Tayyip Erdoǧan Üniversitesi



halal food , halal, cultural transmission, halal food in the UK


The scopes of halal and haram encompass the entire life of Muslim believers covering marital issues, financial matters, devotional practices, raiment, adornment as well as food and beverages. During the initial era of Islam, the Qur’an and sunna established the core halal regulations, specifically those against consuming pork, blood, carrion, and alcohol. Throughout the time, scholars (mujtahīd) and legal experts have derived more elaborated and detailed regulations from these two fundamental textual sources regarding the science of jurisprudence (usūl al-fiqh). The regulations regarding the scope of halal food and the possibility of halal food production in non-Muslim countries directed scholars to issue legal opinions (fatwā) related to the halal foods. The needs of Muslims living in Europe and North America have played important roles to arouse Westerner’s interest regarding the theoretical concept of halal and its practical application in various areas including food sector. The increasing demand for halal food among Muslim consumers leads enactment of new regulations, introduction of new certification systems, and construction of various delivery industries in the non-Muslim Western countries with the influence of globalisation. The article aims to examine how Muslim immigrants succeed to integrate their religious identity with British food culture and how they influenced the UK food production and consumption systems in a way that suit their specific supply and demand. The research gives a scrutinised explanation regarding the definition of halal food and sheds light on the reasons for the development of halal food production in European countries generally, the UK specifically. The deep analysis of the connection between halal food, religious commitment, and cultural adaptation amongst Muslims who live in non-Muslim Western countries offers new perceptions to evaluate and understand the interests of non-Muslim operated food companies towards halal food production.


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