Determination of Production Method and Quality Parameters of Local Products: Tillo’s Grape Pulp (Herire) Sample


  • Ergun Demirhan Siirt Directorate of Provincial Agriculture and Forestry
  • ayhan aslan Tillo District Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry



Herire, local product, grape, Tillo, dried fruit pulp


Determining and documenting the production techniques of local products ensures the preservation of the local culture and also increases the possibility of its transition to industrial production. After determining the production methods of the local product, the quality parameters of the local products can be determined. Quality parameters are important in many aspects like standardization of the product, gaining geographical indication, and food safety. This study aims to determine the production methods and quality parameters of local products with the example of Tillo grape pulp, Herire. This study aims to introduce the Herire, dried fruit pulp, made from local grape varieties grown in Tillo District of Siirt Province in 2022-2023. In the research, Bineytahti and Sinceri grape, which are local grape varieties grown in Tillo district, were preferred for grape pulp. Herire’s dry matter amount (%), moisture (%), titratable acidity (% of tartaric acid), oil (%), ash insoluble in HCl (%), protein (%), and sugar (%) parameters were examined. According to the laboratory results, dry matter amount was 85.47%, sugar amount was 45.51%, protein amount was 3.01% and fat amount was 0.99%. The study is important in terms of recording the local product in question, being preliminary research and contributing to the adaptation to modern regulations. It also provides guidance for the processes of registering local products of similar nature and transforming them into industrial production. The work has the originality of being the first source written about the Tillo Herire.


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Demirhan, E. ., & aslan, A. (2022). Determination of Production Method and Quality Parameters of Local Products: Tillo’s Grape Pulp (Herire) Sample. Journal of Interdisciplinary Food Studies (Disiplinlerarası Gıda Çalışmaları Dergisi), 2(2), 93–103.